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Welcome to the VA Hospital Compare web site. This site is for Veterans, family members and their caregivers to compare the performance of their VA hospitals to other VA hospitals. Using this tool, Veterans, family members, and caregivers can compare the hospital care provided to patients

Quality Information on this web site is divided into four sections:
1) LinKS (“Linking Information Knowledge and Systems”) summarizes outcomes in areas such as acute care, safety, Intensive Care and other measures

2) ASPIRE documents quality and safety goals for all VA hospitals, plus how well our hospitals are meeting these goals

3) Compare how well your local VA hospital cares for its veterans with congestive heart failure, heart attack and pneumonia

4) Tracks progress in the VA in reducing complications from surgery including infection, blood clots, cardiac, and respiratory problems

VA Transparency Program - ASPIRE

The Secretary of Veterans Affairs (VA) and the VA’s Under Secretary for Health are committed to transparency − giving Americans the facts. The Veterans Health Administration (VHA) releases the quality goals and measured performance of VA health care in order to ensure public accountability and to spur constant improvements in health care delivery. The success of this approach is reflected in our receipt of the Annual Leadership Award from the American College of Medical Quality.
Raising the bar for the 21st century healthcare
Much of the data in LinKS and ASPIRE are simply not measured in other health systems – VA is raising the bar. When available, VA uses outside benchmarks but often sets VA standards or goals at a higher level. VA scores hospitals more than 30% different from the goal as underperforming or red and those only 10% different from the goal are shown in green in ASPIRE. But a red site within the VA might be a good performer compared to outside counterparts. The scoring system is designed to move VA forward. ASPIRE is not about finding fault but about helping VA to target opportunities for improving performance
ASPIRE is a dashboard that documents quality and safety goals for all VA Hospitals. This data shows strengths and opportunities for improvement at the national, regional and local hospital level. Aspire data supports the VA’s mission of a continuous health care improvement program to provide the best possible care to Veterans. The database lists many “measures” and our goal for each measure. The data shows “ where we are” in comparison to where we want to be. A simple example would be for blood pressure management. The goal for all veterans age 18-85 with high blood pressure is to have blood pressure readings less than 140/90. This measure shows the percentage of Veterans meeting that blood pressure goal. The data in this dashboard will be updated on a regular basis.
VA’s Linking Information Knowledge and Systems (LinKS) is a dashboard that documents outcome measures for acute care, ICU, outpatient, safety and annual measures. This data shows strengths and opportunities for improvement at the national, regional and local hospital levels. LinKS supports the VA mission to provide the best possible care to the Veterans. The dashboard shows what we are measuring and our result. A simple example would be for smoking. We measure the percentage of veterans that smoke and what we’ve done to help them stop smoking such as smoking cessation classes, counseling or medication to help them quit.
The data will be updated on a regular basis.
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Outcome and Process Measures

For the medical conditions of Congestive Heart Failure (CHF), Heart Attack, and Pneumonia, hospitals are compared based on their mortality rates at 30 days, readmissions to the hospital within 30 days and how often patients get the best treatments.
This information will help you compare the quality of care that VA hospitals provide. Talk to your doctor about this information to help you, your family, and your caregivers make your best hospital care decision.

Results are reported by State.

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Surgical Care Improvement Project (SCIP)

Surgical Care Improvement Project (SCIP) is focused on reducing preventable surgical complications in 4 areas: infection, blood clots, cardiac and respiratory problems. Results are reported by State.
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Strategic Analytics for Improvement and Learning (SAIL)

SAIL is a scorecard model that is being developed for internal benchmarking within VHA. SAIL assesses 25 Quality measures in areas such as mortality, complications, and customer satisfaction, as well as overall Efficiency.

More About SAIL

SAIL Measure Definition

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2012 and 2013 U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs National Mental Health Provider Survey

VA is committed to improving mental health care for Veterans to ensure that all Veterans have timely access to quality mental health care.

The 2012 and 2013 national mental health provider survey was developed to assess providers' perceptions of mental health care. The goal of the 2012 survey was to establish a national baseline on outpatient mental health providers' perceptions on the survey items prior to the majority of the new staff being brought onboard through VA Mental Health Hiring Initiative. This was important to allow VA to understand the impact of the hiring on providers’ views of care delivery. In 2013 the survey assessed the impact of existing and new staff brought on board. Participants were made aware that the survey was voluntary, confidentiality of responses would be protected, and that the results were anonymous. Each VA facility was asked to take actions to address concerns in the survey.

For more information on VA mental health services for Veterans and resources for families, please visit www.mentalhealth.va.gov

The information on this website comes from all VA hospitals. All VA hospitals are required to provide this quality information for VA HospitalCompare to make it publicly available.
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